Warwick Cycle Mfg. Co., c. 1891

This Warwick is a very attractive bike. It was for sale on Ebay.com some time ago and it has interesting features.
The seller made a nice text about it:

' Surviving example of a ca. 1889 WARWICK PERFECTION hard tire safety bicycle. 30 inch diameter wheels. Unique offset handlebar stem that clamps to the front fork extension that comes up through the steering head. The offset brake linkage rods also follow this offset and go down through the center of the front fork extension to a front wheel plunger brake shoe. Unique double down tube frame design, spade grips, pedals, rear step, chain guard, skirt guard, front fork coasting pegs, etc make this a rare and desirable machine. The seat is sprung like a modern day front motorcycle fork with two side-by-side tubes that contain compression springs that ease the bumpy roads encountered back then. Removable top frame bar for use by men or women riders.'

I couldn't have said it better. I just don't think its from 1889, but a few years younger, circa 1891. Always the same with people selling bikes: they want to make it a few years older so they can ask more money for it ...
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